How do I claim my Taiwan receipt lottery prize?

How do I claim my Taiwan lottery receipt?

In order to receive the prize money, a winner must fill out the form on the back of the uniform invoice and present it with his or her ID card at any of the four major convenience store chains, Simple Mart, PX Mart, First Commercial Bank, Chang Hwa Commercial Bank, or the Agricultural Bank of Taiwan, between April 6, …

Does Taiwan have a lottery?

The lottery drawing in Taiwan held on the 25th of every odd-numbered month, i.e., January, March, May, July, September and November. … In conjunction with the 60th anniversary of the invoice lottery, the Finance Ministry announced a 33% increase in the total prize value to NT$7 billion (US$20 million) in 2011.

How do you play Taiwan Power lottery?

In order to win the Power Lottery jackpot, an individual must be able to match all six numbers in the first row of the ticket and the one number in the second section. If a person wins the jackpot on Monday evening, it will be the largest lottery prize this year.

Where can I claim Taiwan Lotto?

If you’ve won the 2 million, or first through third prizes in the regular numbers contest, you collect these prizes only from The Taiwan Cooperative Bank, . They run the show for the government. For all the other prizes, NT$10,000 to NT$200, you can go to any Post Office.

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How do you win Lotto 649 in Canada?

How to win

  1. Main prize: match all 6 of your numbers to the 6 numbers drawn.
  2. GUARANTEED $1 Million Prize: match your 10-digit selection exactly to the selection drawn and you’re our next millionaire!
  3. Extra: For the top Extra prize, match all four of your numbers (between 1-99) to the numbers drawn and win!

How do you win Super Lotto?

There are nine ways to win when you play SuperLotto Plus. The overall odds of winning any prize in the main draw is 1 in 23 (1:23). The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 41,416,353 (1:41,416,353).

Hot to win Cash Prizes.

5 Winning Numbers + Mega 1 in 41,416,353
0 Winning Numbers Only Mega 1 in 49