What channel is Ohio Lottery on?

What time is the Ohio lottery drawing?

Classic Lotto and Rolling Cash 5 are shown exclusively online at ohiolottery.com. Drawings for the other Ohio Lottery games are held seven days a week, at 12:29 p.m. and 7:29 p.m., (except Saturday evenings).

What channel is Cash Explosion on?

Cash Explosion

Cash Explosion (Double Play)
Running time 22 minutes
Production company Mills James Productions
Original network Regionally syndicated throughout Ohio

Where can I watch the Ohio Lottery live?

That’s right, you can watch the show LIVE right here from your phone, tablet, or computer! Can’t get enough Cash Explosion?! You can find all our latest shows on YouTube! Just go to Ohio Lottery’s YouTube channel, find our Cash Explosion Shows playlist and start watching!

What TV channel is EuroMillions on?

BBC One – The National Lottery Euromillions Draw.

What time is lotto on TV tonight?

Watch the draw on TV

Saturday Lotto, Monday & Wednesday Lotto, Oz Lotto and Powerball draws can be seen on 7TWO at approximately 8:30pm AEST on the night of the official draw. Set for Life results for each daily draw can be seen on Channel 7 and 7TWO at approximately 9:45pm AEST every night.

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What Ohio lottery drawing is tonight?

Schedule for All Draw Games

Game Pool Closing Drawing Time
Mega Millions 10:45 PM 11:00 pm
Powerball 10:00 PM 10:59 pm
Lucky For Life 9:30 PM Approximately 10:35 pm
Classic Lotto 7:00 PM Approximately 7:05 pm

What time can you buy lottery tickets in Ohio?

Monday through Saturday 7:00 A.M. -11:00 P.M. Sunday 7:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M. Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

How much does Pick 4 pay in Ohio?

Ways To Win

Wager Type Odds $.50 Wager
24-Way Box 1 in 417 Pay $100
12-Way Box 1 in 833 Pay $200
6-Way Box 1 in 1,667 Pay $400
4-Way Box 1 in 2,500 Pay $599

What Day Is Cash Explosion on?

Come see the Cash Explosion team Saturday September 25th, 2021 at the OZone on Lane between 4:30pm and Kickoff to win great prizes.

How does Ohio Cash Explosion work?

The Cash Explosion® instant ticket offers players a chance to be entered into a drawing to become a contestant on the Game Show. Holders of a Cash Explosion® ticket in which the word “Entry” is matched three (3) times may enter into a drawing to become a contestant on the Game Show.

What’s the most you can win on Cash Explosion?

Each contestant is guaranteed $5,000 but most win at least $10,000, officials said. Most said they would take a trip or help family members if they won a lot of money. Producer Holly Berger explains how the half-hour game is played.