Which members of each family draw for the lottery?

Who chooses the slip of paper for each family?

Generally the man of the household does so, but two situations are brought up that require an exception be made: Mr. Summers consulted his list. “Clyde Dunbar,” he said.

Who was instructed to draw for the Hutchinson family in the lottery?

He has been excused because he has a broken leg. As a result, his wife must draw for herself and their sons. The Dunbars’ eldest son who, at sixteen, is still too young to draw in his mother’s stead for their family. As instructed by his mother, Horace runs to tell his father which villager was chosen by the lottery.

Why did they throw stones at Tessie?

The stones symbolize death, but also the villagers’ unanimous support of the lottery tradition. Even as Tessie protests the drawing, the villagers collect their stones and move into throw them.

Is Tessie Mrs Hutchinson?

Mrs. Hutchinson (Tessie) shows up late to the lottery and with a light heart, makes a joke upon her arrival. When it comes time to pull, she urges her husband to hurry up and pull a slip of paper a bit mockingly. … In “The Lottery,” Tessie arrives late and makes a joke on her arrival.

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Why does Tessie say that the lottery is unfair?

Tessie thinks the lottery is unfair because she won. If someone else won, she would not have complained at all. This is an example of situational irony in that the readers do not expect that the winner of the lottery will be killed.

Why did Mrs Hutchinson start complaining?

Mrs. Hutchinson started complaining that they didn’t give Bill enough time to pick the paper he wanted. She did this because she was panicking that he selected the marked paper.

Why did the village have a lottery every year?

Ossa, M.A. The reason why the villagers “have” to have a lottery is simply because the lottery had become a tradition that has been followed since the time of the villagers’ ancestors.

Who gets to go first in the second drawing the lottery?

The second round is to select the family member within that unit who is the “winner” of the lottery. Thus, Tessie’s family is selected in the first round. This means that someone in her family will be selected in round two. The odds of one’s name being drawn are a function of how many family members there are.

Who is exempt from the lottery?

Jackson makes it very clear that no on escapes the lottery. Children, the elderly, and even people who are sick or injured all participate.

Who killed Tessie in the lottery?

The person picked is stoned to death to ensure a good harvest. Those who are responsible for Tessie’s death are her husband Bill, the town’s elder Old Man Warner, and the town’s society as a whole. One person responsible for Tessie’s death is her static husband Bill Hutchinson.

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