You asked: Why do the townspeople agree to take part in the lottery and turn against each other?

Why do townspeople agree to take part in the lottery?

The lottery’s origins are steeped in the superstitious belief that one innocent villager must be sacrificed each year in order to increase the harvest yield. … Simply put, the villagers continue to participate in the lottery because it is a tradition.

Why do the townspeople participate in the lottery Why don’t they stop having it?

The people are holding the lottery, not because they want it to produce something beneficial to the community, but because they are afraid of what might happen if they gave it up. They don’t want to test it.

How do the townspeople feel about making changes to the lottery Brainly?

In Jackson’s ‘The Lottery’, the villagers are reluctant to make changes to the generations’ old tradition.

Do the townspeople like the lottery?

The townspeople have mixed reactions to the annual lottery. Some are genuinely excited about it—the children who don’t know any better think it’s an opportunity to play and talk together. … The adults also do not display much seriousness, until the actual lottery begins.

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Do you agree with Mrs Hutchinson is the lottery unfair?

Answer: Mrs. Hutchinson does not find the lottery unfair, until her husband is picked as a winner. It is only when the lottery directly affects her life that she complains about it.

What is the original reason for holding the lottery?

The original purpose of the lottery seem to have been some twisted sort of rain dance ritual. As Old Man Warner explains, the old saying used to exclaim, “Lottery in June, corn by heavy soon”.

What replaced wood chips in the lottery?

The Lottery

Question Answer
On which day does the lottery fall each year? June 27
Why did Mr. Summers replace the original wood chips with slips of paper? As the population of the town grows, the black box couldn’t hold the wooden chips any longer. Slips of paper take up less room.

Why is Mrs Hutchinson upset?

Mrs. Hutchinson is upset when she draws the slip of paper with the black spot because this indicates that she has “won” the lottery, meaning she will become the town’s annual sacrifice.

Do most of the villagers know why they hold the lottery Why Why not?

In fact, the villagers themselves may not know why they even hold a lottery, however, they do not question their automated response to it: that of doing it, for the sake of getting it done.

What does the lottery mean to the townspeople?

What does the lottery mean to the townspeople in the story? Answer: the lottery means in the towns people in the story is killing people by stoning them.. Explanation: in the story their tradition is killing people by stoning..

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How do the townspeople feel about Richard Cory?

The townspeople look at Richard Cory with a mixture of admiration, envy, and awe. The crucial factor in their view of him is that he represents success, the achievement of having made money and yet still having remained “down to earth”: And he was always quietly arrayed, And he was always human when he talked.