More Details about Casino Mont Parnes Athens

Casino Mont Parnes Athens is located on Mount Parnitha, which is a mountain range about 17 kilometres north of Athens.  Most of the mountain is a national park.  This area has many hiking trails, archaeological finds and an interesting variety of animals.  Visitors to Casino Mont Parnes Athens will be able to enjoy the view of Athens below.  First built as a hotel in 1961, management of the hotel changed many times, but the hotel did not have much success.  In 1971 a casino was built, the first in Greece and Casino Mont Parnes Athens began operating as a hotel and casino.

Transport Options

Guests to the casino can use the casino bus which leaves from Athens and Piraeus, the schedule is on the website.  The casino has adequate parking for those using their own car. Another way of reaching the casino is by cable car, which takes only 7 minutes and allows guests the opportunity to view the beautiful landscape.  The cable car is closed on a Tuesday for maintenance.


Casino Mont Parnes Athens contains a variety of priceless works of art.  The Hyatt Regency began preserving these works of art and they can be seen on display at the casino complex.  Most famous is the “Synthesis” by Yannis Moralis.  This painting was donated by the artist and can be seen in the reception area of the casino.  There are 34 paintings by the artist Spyros Vasileiou, 5 paintings by Yannis Hainis and 4 paintings by Nikos Nikolaou.  These paintings can be seen in the reception area of the cable car and in the corridors of the casino.  Also in the casino are 5 collages by Panagiotis Tetsis and lithographs by Vaso Katraki.

Admission to the Casino

The casino is open 24 hours a day on Saturday and Sunday.  Monday to Friday table games can be played between 15:00 and 06:00.  Slots and Touch can be played 24 hours a day.  The Poker room is open every day between the hours of 15:00 and 06:00.  In order to play at the casino, players must be 21 years of age and players will need to register. They will be required to produce a European ID card or a valid passport.  Casino Mont Parnes Athens has a strict dress code and the casino reserves the right to turn away guests who are not dressed appropriately.    Admission to the casino is €6 and admission is valid for 24 hours from the time it is issued.  Players who want to re-enter during the 24 hour period will need to produce their ticket.

The poker room at Casino Mont Parnes Athens has 12 poker tables offering Texas Hold ‘em and Omaha.  Players are also able to play Stud Poker, Blackjack and Roulette like the gamblers at the top sites in Canada suggested here.  The casino features a range of slot games with progressive jackpots such as Mega Kong, Fort Know and Action Jackpot.  There are multi-game video machines, video reels and themed sot games.


Café Restaurant 1055 offers beautiful views and Greek and European cuisine.  On the menu are appetisers, salads, entrées, mains and desserts.  Café Restaurant has a sizeable wine cellar with both Greek and foreign wines and grappa.  On a Friday and Saturday from 22:30 until 02:00 guests can listen to live piano.  Guests can consult the casino’s website for opening times of the restaurant.

With breath taking views and beautiful artwork Casino Mont Parnes offers a range of casino games and fine dining with the unique option of reaching the casino by cableway.