A Look at Dunedin Casino in New Zealand

Dunedin Casino, based in New Zealand, is a relatively modest establishment when compared to other, larger casinos, but still features a luxurious atmosphere and poker tournaments that regularly attract professional players. There is a dedicated gambling section with limited games offered, as well as a single eating venue and a café. What makes the casino stand apart is the establishment’s dedication to special events and bonus days. Almost every day of the week has some kind of special feature, including draws, double bonus point days, community games and more. More information about the features of each special event day can be found on the casino’s website.

Available Casino and Gambling Games

Dunedin Casino does not boast the variety of some other casinos, and has only a moderate selection of casino games. Table games offered include poker, Caribbean Stud poker, baccarat, roulette and real money blackjack games. There are also a number of slot machines, both traditional and modern, for those who prefer to steer clear of table games. The gambling area is also considerably smaller then some other casinos, with only twelve tables and one hundred and eighty slot machines. Where the casino lacks variety, however, it excels with an exceptionally luxurious ambience, offering dazzling décor and style that is sure to have visitors feeling like royalty.

Eating and Dining Facilities

Dunedin Casino has two dining venues that focus on value for money meals. Titled the Dunedin Casino Grand Bar, and Dunedin Casino Café, the two venues offer buffet specials on a regular basis, as well as weekend roasts and other deals that allow guests to get the most for their money. There are also special deals for senior citizens. Note that the menus for both establishments may be downloaded from the casino’s website.

Entertainment Events and Functions

The Dunedin Casino has a number of regular events that draw crowds on a regular basis. These include poker tournaments on a biweekly basis, which never fail to attract professional local poker players, as well as games such as Crack the Cube, which allow guests the chance to win instant cash prizes. On Tuesday all guests earn double points for their Casino Club membership, while on Sundays there are draws for all those who put their tickets into a barrel. The casino also has a special for public holidays, which allows guests to enter the casino play area without having to pay a surcharge fee.

Club Casino Rewards

Dunedin Casino has a generous reward system, known as Club Casino. Members who sign up for the reward system earn points when spending time at the casino and playing casino games. These bonus points, once enough have accumulated, may be redeemed in a number of ways. The points may be spent at casino games, working as currency, they may be spent at some of the many restaurants as a free meal, or they may be used to pay for parking. And, in a move not seen at many casinos, Dunedin Casino allows members to withdraw bonus points as cash. This means that loyal customers are guaranteed money back, if spending enough time at the casino.