What is the elite challenge for aggressive casino heist?

How do you get the elite challenge in casino heist?

trying to get diamond casino heist elite challenge

  1. run in first person inside, it’s faster.
  2. on your way to the vault swipe your key card so you don’t have to swipe it when you’re getting out.
  3. always take the stairs.
  4. don’t take daily cash it’s about a 2 minute time waste.
  5. use emp.

What is the silent and sneaky Elite Challenge?

Silent and sneaky: Do not die, complete in 15min. Big con: Do not die, complete in 15min. Aggressive: Do not die, complete in 15min, get 80 headshots. So I just tested all heists without any restarts to get idea of their Elite challenges.

How much money do you get from the Diamond casino heist aggressive?

According to Reddit, the maximum Diamond Casino Heist payout is GTA$2.1 million. While that’s a persuasive sum, note that Lester will always take his 60k cut.

Can you glitch the casino heist?

Players have discovered a new bug in GTA Online that makes completing the Diamond Casino Heist much easier by allowing them to glitch through the vault wall. … According to Reddit user DistressedUnit, the bug occurs when two players try to drill into the vault at the same time.

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What is the highest paying heist in GTA Online?

With a potential payout of $10,340,000, the Diamond Casino heist is the highest paying heist in GTA 5 Online. Many targets are available in the Diamond Casino heist; from cash to diamonds, it’s all there.

What is the best gunman for the casino heist?

Any gunman would get the job done in the Diamond Casino Heist, so it’s best to just hire Karl Abolaji, who’s got awful weapons but takes a small cut and gets the team through.

Can I change hacker casino heist?

If the player has collected all 54 collectible Playing Cards in Freeroam, the player can choose the “High Roller” exit disguise when starting the heist. Thermal Charges – The player must obtain thermal charger for use during the heist; these will replace the hacking done in the vault during the other two approaches.

Can you still get diamonds in the casino heist 2021?

According to veteran GTA Online players and Tez2, Diamonds have an approximately 15% chance of spawning within the vault. That probability doesn’t seem to have changed in 2021 either, as players this week have also more likely ended up with cash and artwork than Diamonds or Gold.