What tribe owns Valley View Casino?

What tribe is San Pasqual?

Residents of the San Pasqual Reservation are members of the Kumeyaay Tribe. Their language belongs to the Yuman branch of the Hokan language family, other languages that are spoken by peoples from southern Oregon to southern Mexico.

When did the Kumeyaay live in San Diego?

Katherine Luomola suggests that the “nucleus of later Tipai-Ipai groups” came together around AD 1000. The Kumeyaay themselves believe that they have lived in San Diego for 12,000 years.

Who was the leader of the San Pasqual tribe?

San Pasqual prospered as a Kumeyaay agricultural village for almost thirty years, and much of the credit must go to the leadership of Panto, the “capitan” of the band.

What does San Pasqual mean?

San Pasqual Handicap, a horse race. Roman Catholic saints, in English referred to as Saint Paschal.

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