What age was Daniel Craig in Casino Royale?

What did Daniel Craig lose while filming Casino Royale?

Daniel Craig lost his two front teeth while filming a fight scene in Casino Royale. He made an emergency call to fly in his dentist from London to Prague. Mirona Marian and 389 others like this.

How old was Daniel Craig in the first Bond movie?

Brosnan, 49, was in negotiations to return as Bond, but the producers pulled out. They turned to a fresh, less-expensive 007, 36-year-old Craig, for 2006’s “Casino Royale.” Brosnan’s motto after exiting the Bond franchise has been dive into the work and “let go a little bit more,” he told USA TODAY in 2015.

Was Casino Royale the first Daniel Craig?

But sustained change finally came to the Bond franchise with 2006’s “Casino Royale,” the first of Daniel’s Craig’s five turns as 007.

How much does Daniel Craig make per Bond film?

Daniel Craig’s salary for portraying James Bond in Spectre (USA/UK, 2015) is estimated to have totalled around $39 million (£25.4 million), making him by far the highest-paid actor to have appeared in the Bond series to date, even allowing for inflation.

Does Daniel Craig do his own stunts in 007?

Daniel Craig had to take on an intense fitness regimen to play James Bond in “No Time to Die.” Craig did more of his own stunts than any actor who previously played Bond, Men’s Journal reported. This required grueling, year-long nutritional preparation, and workouts in between filming.

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How old is James Bond?

In Moonraker, he admits to being eight years shy of mandatory retirement age from the 00 section—45—which would mean he was 37 at the time, and a footnote in the novel states that the events of that novel occurred in November 1954 rendering Bond’s birth year circa 1917.

Is the James Bond series over?

Following its release in 1962, Broccoli and Saltzman created the holding company Danjaq to ensure future productions in the James Bond film series. The series currently has twenty-five films, with the most recent, No Time to Die, released in September 2021.

Is Casino Royale the best Bond film?

The best scene in the history of Daniel Craig’s soon-to-be retired James Bond era has no action, no guns, no martinis shaken nor stirred. … In retrospect, now that No Time to Die—his final chapter as Bond—is out the door, one can say with certainty that Casino Royale is the best Bond film of Craig’s era.