Your question: How do I place a bet on Betika bonus?

How do I use my Betika bonus to bet?

Points accumulated can be redeemed by sending redeem#1000 to 29090 to redeem 1000 points for Kshs 50 bonus. The maximum points that can be redeemed in a day is 1000. 100 betika points can be used to place bets on the Weekly Jackpot. Points’ validity period will be determined by Betika from time to time.

How does Betika bonus work?

Awarding Criteria:

If you place a multibet of between 7 to 10 games and lose one game, you will get 100% of your stake back as bonus. If you place a multibet of 11 games and above and lose one game, you will get** 200%** of stake back as bonus.

How much can you withdraw from Betika?

Betika Withdrawal Methods:How to Withdraw From Betika

You should note that minimum daily withdrawal is Ksh 50 and Maximum daily withdrawal is Ksh 70,000.

Does Sababisha bet have bonus?

Bonuses worth Ksh.

Please note that the prize money is equally shared amongst the Sababisha Jackpot winners. If 3 or more games are postponed, all the bets are voided in the Jackpot and your stake refunded. If two games are postponed in 3-way market, the prize is divided by 9; if it is one game prize is divided by 3.

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Does Betika midweek jackpot has a bonus?

each. The Mid-Week Jackpot prize is fixed at Kshs. … The players with 12/15, 13/15 and 14/15 outcomes will be entitled to a cash bonus prize. The amount of the cash bonus will be determined by Betika at our absolute discretion.

Does Betika bonus expire?

Please note that all unclaimed bonuses will expire in 3 months. To check your bonus balance, SMS the word BONUS to 29090. You can also view your balance by login into or dialling *644#.

Can one cash out in Betika?

The Cash Out feature allows you to take an early payout on your bets before they are settled, meaning one is able to get money back before the event is over and your bet is ultimately resulted.

Is Betika still working?

Betika is one of the sports betting sites allowed to operate in Kenya after the immense suspension of other gambling companies. With Betika you can be sure to place your bets on some of the significant soccer jackpots and football leagues.

What is the maximum stake on Sportybet?

What is the minimum and maximum stake for a bet and for a ticket? The minimum stake amount for a ticket is GHS 0.10, and the maximum stake amount is GHS 35,000.

How do I activate my Betika cash?

Select the filter “Cash Out” to view all bets with “Cash Out” option. Tap the yellow button (available under your bet) to initiate the “Cash Out” process for that bet. Confirm payout action. Upon successful execution, a confirmation message will be displayed.

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