Net Entertainment beats profit records in 2013

Net Entertainment Beats Profit Records in 2013

Net Entertainment beats profit records in 2013 which establishes the developer even further as one of the leading online casino software developers in the industry. The release of their 2013 financial results confirmed their growth within the industry placing them near the top of the industry leaders.

The Swedish based developer has been growing from strength to strength since 1996 and is now listed amongst the top alongside the likes of Microgaming and Playtech which is proven as Net Entertainment beats profit records in 2013. The history of Net Entertainment began as a traditional casino company where their table games played a huge role in their success. They are however now more known for their extensive selection of online slot games.

Net Entertainment’s Success in 2013

While Net Entertainment beats profit records in 2013, new investments were seen as the catalyst for their success. Net Entertainment beats profit records in 2013 with an amount of $97.9 million which was taken over the year.

Over that period twenty online casinos powered by Net Entertainment were launched and about twenty seven licensing agreements were signed with various online casino operators to provide Net Entertainment casino games. Each and every new online casino powered by Net Entertainment now provides their most popular and their range of top quality slot game titles such as Starburst as well as their own representations of table games such as roulette and blackjack.

Net Entertainment’s Touch Range for Mobile

Another contributing factor to the fact that Net Entertainment beats profit records in 2013, lies with their Touch range of mobile slot games. Many of their most successful casino and slot game titles have or will be converted into mobile where they are compatible with the world’s leading mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS.

Net Entertainment is seen as one of the most prominent suppliers of mobile casino games which is proven by the awards they have won for this platform as well as the acclaim received by numerous players and customers. Online casinos that provide a mobile platform showcase the quality of mobile compatible Net Entertainment casino games.

An Overview of Net Entertainment’s History

Net Entertainment have been providing online casino games since 1996 but their parent company, Sweden based Cherry, was in operation long before that. Cherry provided land based casino games and slot machine games during the 70’s and 80’s.

Due to laws and regulations changing land based casino and slot machine games, Cherry headed into the emerging online casino industry and restructured their brand into what is now known as Net Entertainment.

Net entertainment have since increased their annual takings and grown bigger every year. While Net Entertainment beats profit records in 2013 is a huge success it is not the only year this has happened. The strongest factor is not only the steady quality of their games but the fact that they regularly sign up new licensing agreements. Their games are continuing to prove innovation and quality and their consistent increase in providing casino games to larger markets assists with their world-wide growth and accessibility.

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