Frequent question: What shape do you need to start out with when you dice a potato?

What is macedoine cut?

Rate & Review. A term used to describe the process of dicing ingredients into 1/4 inch cubes or a term that is used to describe a preparation of fruits or vegetables that have been diced (cubes that are 1/4 inch square) to be served either cold (raw) or hot (cooked).

Do you have to peel potatoes?

There’s no need to peel them unless you just prefer the taste and texture of the potatoes without peels. … Boil the potatoes for 15-30 minutes, or until they’re tender. When they’re done, use tongs to quickly transfer them into an ice bath. Let them sit for 3 minutes, then remove them from the ice bath.

How do you cut a potato into quarters?

Place the potato on its side and using a large chef’s knife, slice it in half lengthwise. Place the cut side of the potato down onto the cutting board, and cut it in half again to create quarters. Place each potato quarter cut side up, then slice down the center of the quarter to create a wedge.

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