How long does 888 Casino take to verify?

How do I verify my ID 888?

Log in by entering your username and password. From the Lobby, proceed to the Cashier/Deposit page. Switch to Verify Id tab and follow the step by step instructions.

How do casinos verify documents?

Normally, a casino would want to confirm your age, identity and residence. To confirm your age and identity, they would need an Id-Card, Passport or Drivers License, both from the front and the back. As proof of residence, casinos normally ask for a recent utility bill (water, electricity, or phone bill).

How long does 888 bet take to withdraw?

Generally, 888sport endeavours to clear the withdrawals as soon as possible, normally within 1 working day, although it can then take between 1 to 7 days in order to reach your account, depending on the withdrawal method you use.

Can you withdraw money from 888 Casino?

If you are playing via your PC you will need to click on “Cashier” via the lobby and if you are playing from your mobile phone, click deposit → menu. From there you can click on the ‘Withdrawal’ tab whereby you can enter the amount you wish to withdraw in the box provided.

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Does 888sport need verification?

Our security policy dictates that members are required to verify their identity during the course of their membership with us. This validation process is to ensure protection for our members and our online gaming sites from online fraud.

How do I remove a card from 888 Casino?

How do I remove my old Card from the Cashier?

  1. Please send your request directly to our Transaction Team via email to
  2. You should receive an answer within 72 hours.

Why do online casinos need my address?

Why do casinos ask for proof of address

Answer: A casino will ask for proof of address to ensure that the player is a resident in the country/state/area he or she claims to reside. This is done to make sure that the casino can offer the player services in an area that it is allowed to legally operate in.

Do online casinos need ID?

In order to guard against criminal activity – and especially money laundering – online casinos must identify anything which could be seen as suspicious and ensure that nothing untoward is occurring.

Do you need ID at a casino?

In NSW, patrons must be at least 18 years of age to enter a licensed venue and drink alcohol. … NSW photo card. proof of age card issued by a public authority of the Commonwealth or of another State or Territory for the purpose of attesting to a person’s identity and age.

Can you withdraw free bets?

No, your Sportsbook free bets cannot be withdrawn, but winnings as a result of placing Sportsbook free bets will be credited to your main wallet and are free to use at your disposal. Your original ‘free bet’ stake will not be returned to you.

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Does 888 casino ask for ID?

We are required to verify your identity, age and address, as part of the licensing conditions set by the UK Gambling Commission. By verifying your details, you are confirming that you are at least 18 years old, that you are who you say you are, and that the address we hold for you is your correct address.