How much is Dice resume search?

How much is Dice resume search?

How much does it cost to use Dice?

Dice Pricing

Dice has a pay-per-post pricing structure and here’s its breakdown: Single job post: $395. Two job posts: $325 each. Three job posts: $305 each‍

How much is Dice per month?

Dice caters to technical and engineering professionals and reaches 1.5 million users per month. For a 30-day single job posting, you’ll pay $395. Beyond that, two job posts costs $325 each, three job posts costs $305 each, and five to ten job posts costs $250 each.

How do you search resumes on Dice?

How can I search and import resumes from Dice?

  1. Select the “quick links” menu in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Select “Advanced Search”
  3. Click on the Dice tab.
  4. Select the job board account and click “Enable Session”
  5. Enter search criteria and hit “Search”
  6. Select the applicant resumes you want to download.

Do recruiters use Dice?

Employers and recruiters use Dice to find candidates like you. Make your resume searchable and allow recruiters to contact you. Your job search just got easier!

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Is dice any good?

Dice is a good platform for your job search and recruiting needs. The software is easy to use, and the user interface is excellent. There are a lot of filters and features that one can use for both their job search as well as recruiting needs. The website works well without a lag or any issue.

Is dice a good job board?

Dice. This is one of the largest and best-known technology job boards, with a wide selection of jobs available across all fields. Dice Open Web allows employers to browse candidates’ social media profiles, making it easier for them to zero in on the right person.

Are Dice free for employers?

Review: Dice is one of the foremost platforms for hiring tech professionals. … Job seekers post their profiles for free, while employers pay to post open tech positions, manage applicants, and discover strong matches with Dice’s full suite of employer solutions.

How do I post a job on Dice?

Log into Dice at On the top left of the page, click Jobs and select Post a Job.

How much is a recruiter license on LinkedIn?

The average cost per recruiter account is about $8,000 (£5,200), and it goes way up from there depending how many HR folks are hammering away on it. Suffice to say, even with volume discounts, the companies who have thousands of recruiters are paying a hefty amount for LinkedIn’s tools.

Where can I find resumes for free?

Free Resume Search Sites:

  1. PostJobFree. Search an unlimited amount of resumes and contact candidates for free.
  2. Job Spider. Search an unlimited amount of resumes and contact candidates for free.
  3. Ladders. View 10 resumes for free per month.
  4. Jobvertise. …
  5. Learn4Good. …
  6. Craigslist. …
  7. Resume-Library. …
  8. AngelList.
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How do you do a Boolean search on dice?

How do you use Boolean search in dice? Enter the keywords you need and select one of three options: Match All Words, Match Any Words, or Boolean. Skills listed in the Keywords field will be highlighted in yellow on the candidates’ profile and resume, allowing you to scan quickly for matches.

How do I find my resume on Monster?

Visit the Monster home page (see Resources below) and click the link titled “Search resumes.” Enter the Monster employer site. Click the “Search or Buy Resumes” button to begin your online search for job candidates in your field.