Quick Answer: How do you get the mega jackpot on Subway Surfers?

What is the chance of getting the mega jackpot in subway surfers?

As you can see, there is no chance of getting a Jackpot (0%). However, on the first day of testing we found 1 Mega Jackpot prize (data not included because of error) so, we can assumed that there are less than or equal to 1/2801 to get a Jackpot prize (0.0357%).

How do you get free jackpot on subway surfers?

Start opening mystery boxes – tap as fast as you can and the jackpot mystery box should appear somewhere between spending 5000 and 10000 coins.

What is terrific Tuesday in subway surfers?

Terrific Tuesday is a limited event on Subway Surfers that is always available on the tuesdays. The utility of this event is win the jackpot in the boxes with more coins that the normal. With the Normal Box, you can win 900,000 and with the Super Mystery Box, you can win 1,500,000 .

What are subway surfer codes?

Subway Surfers redeem codes can be used to get coins and exclusive in-game items for free so you can unlock power ups and special gear to go further every time in the game.

Expired Subway Promo Codes.

KZAKHBT 50000 coins
OGK3BEY 10000 coins
EGV28EP 9900 coins
BACK2MOSCOW 9001 coins
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How do you get promo codes for Subway Surfers?

It allows you to redeem various promotional offers by going into settings, scrolling down to the “Promo Codes” option, and then entering a code provided by Kiloo & SYBO Games.


Limited codes
Code Reward Status
fridaycheers 1,000 & 5 Expired
instalove200k 5,000 & 4 Expired
2infinity 3,000, 3, 1 & 1 Expired