What is a tri cast bet?

How is a Tricast calculated?

The straight tricast involves predicting the first, second and third home. Predicting the first and second home and the other selection finishing fourth will land nothing. Predicting the first, second and third home in the wrong order will also yield no return.

How do you do a Tricast bet?

A tricast bet asks you to predict who will come first, who will come second and who will come third in a race (in that particular order). To place a tricast bet, beneath the ‘Forecast & Tricast’ heading select the Horse or Greyhound you predict to finish 1st by selecting the ‘1st’ box under the ‘Tricast’ heading.

How many horses make a Tricast?

Tricasts are available on handicap races of 8 or more runners in horse racing or greyhound racing. A consists of 1 bet that requires you to predict which selections will finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the correct order.

What’s the difference between a forecast and a Tricast?

Straight forecast: A straight forecast or SF is composed of two selections and is a single bet prediction of 1st and 2nd in the correct order. … Combination tricast: A combination tricast or CT is composed of a number of selections and is a prediction for your selections to finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in any order.

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What are the odds on a Tricast?

What’s special about a tricast? The main thing that’s significant about a tricast bet is that your chance of winning one isn’t high – 1/119 in a race with six runners, and lower if the field is bigger.

What is the difference between Tricast and trifecta?

is that tricast is (british) a specific kind of horse race betting, made by choosing the first three horses home in the correct order or tricast can be the simultaneous broadcasting of an audio via fm, web streaming and podcasting used in radio stations while trifecta is (us|australia|new zealand) a bet in which the

How does a forecast bet work?

A Forecast is a bet where you select the first two horses (or dogs) home in the correct order. currency you have staked. A forecast return is therefore usually in decimal odds as the dividend includes the stake. … Sometimes, particularly in general sports betting, bookies will offer their own odds on a forecast.

How does a cover bet work?

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A cover bet 3 places means that your selection would be made void if your horse finishes 2nd or 3rd and a winner if it places 1st.

How do you calculate a trifecta?

To figure the cost of a Trifecta Key, multiply 1 times the number of horses you used times the number of horses you used minus one. For example, a $1 Trifecta Key 1 with 2,3,4,5 would be 12 possible combinations (1 x 4 x 3 = 12).

What does a Tricast mean?

A tricast bet predicts the first, second and third finishers in an event in correct order, whereas combination forecasts pick the 1-2-3 in any order.

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How does a straight Tricast work?

While a straight forecast bet is made on only two horses, with the bettor predicting that one of those selections will finish in first place and the other will finish in second place, the tricast bet includes three horses and asks the bettor to predict which will finish in first place, which will finish in second place …