You asked: Does Swinomish Casino have a hot tub?

Does the Swinomish Casino have a pool?

Yes, Swinomish Casino & Lodge the hotel has a pool.

Does Swinomish Casino have a buffet?

Swinomish Casino & Lodge is at Swinomish Casino & Lodge.

The Friday Night Fresh Seafood Buffet is Back and better than ever in The Two Salmon Cafe! What is this disappointment heard about NO Seafood Buffet in the casino?

Is Swinomish Casino smoke free?

Swinomish Casino & Lodge will remain dedicated to providing a safe and sanitized environment for guests and team members. The Casino and Lodge will remain smoke-free, please ensure this policy is followed.

Is Swinomish Casino open yet?

The Casino is operating under normal hours. We recognize the situation is evolving and we will provide updates as they become available. Moke Joe Coffee has shortened the Swinomish Casino & Lodge location hours to 8am to 6pm.

How deep is the Swinomish Channel?

Tying to figure out if we should attempt deception pass at slack tide or have the option of going through the swinomish channel (La Conner). Chart says the channel’s controlling depth is 6.8ft for 100ft wide.

What restaurants are in the Swinomish Casino?


  • 13moons. VIEW.
  • Swinomish Sports Bar & Grill. VIEW.
  • Carver’s Café VIEW.
  • Fatburger. VIEW.
  • Manchu WOK. VIEW.
  • Center Bar. VIEW.
  • Moka Joe Coffee. VIEW.
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What time does the Swinomish Casino close?

Casino Hours: Open 24/7. Arrival/Departure: Guaranteed check-in at 2pm / Checkout at 12pm. Speed Limit: 5 mph (all vehicles). Quiet Hours: 10pm-8am.