Your question: Who owns the Gamble House?

Why is the Gamble House important?

The Gamble House, USC, functions primarily as a historic house museum for the preservation, presentation, and interpretation of the architecture and design of Charles and Henry Greene in the context of the American Arts and Crafts movement.

How much does the Gamble house cost?

Charles Greene believed that “doors should be interesting in themselves and not merely holes of entrance and exit.” When it was built, The Gamble House cost $50,400 the garage (which now houses the bookstore), $3,700. The entire project, house, garage, furniture and landscaping cost $79,000.

How long did the Gamble House take to build?

The drawings of the house were completed in February of 1908, the site ground-broken in March, and ten months later the house was completed and the first custom-built piece of furniture delivered.

How many square feet is the Gamble House?

1908 — The Gamble House begins construction in March and the 8,100 square foot house is finished one month ahead of time in January of 1909.

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