Let’s Have a Quick Glance at Portomaso Casino

When it comes to producing some of the world’s leading casinos, Malta is at the top of the game. This small country is well known for its pristine beachside getaways, as well as its wide array of world-class casinos. One such casino is Portomaso Casino, located in St Julian’s. This casino is a relatively young one compared to some of the others in Europe, which have already been open for several hundreds of years. However, Portomaso is still able to offer its players the same level of class, sophistication and excitement that its older counterparts can. Below, you will find a list of some of the most popular games available at this casino.

Table Games

Whenever one thinks of casinos, the vision of tables immediately comes to mind. Portomaso Casino has a wide variety of table games for players to choose from. When visiting this casino, one can look forward to the likes of blackjack, roulette, three card poker, Texas Hold ‘Em poker and Punto Banco. Each one of these games brings its own sense of excitement, as players will be afforded the opportunity to test out their strategies, refine them and maybe even develop new ones.

Slot Games

While table games may be a staple in any casino, slot machines are quickly working their way up to the same status. These colourful games often come with themes, graphics and soundtracks, all of which certainly help in creating the perfect atmosphere, for example online pokies New Zealand. At Portomaso Casino, players can expect to find a wide array of games on offer. In fact, this particular casino boasts the biggest collection slot machines in Malta. With three levels of the casino floor dedicated solely to slot machines, players are sure to find a few that interest them. Furthermore, all of the slots at this casino have been developed by industry leaders, thus ensuring the best possible experiences all round.


Perhaps the most popular casino game of all time is poker. At Portomaso Casino, players will have plenty of opportunity to get to grips with this game. Not only will they be able to play a game or two whenever they visit the casino, they will also be able to participate in the weekly tournaments held in the poker lounge. Furthermore, there are a number of events held there on a regular basis, including poker cocktail parties and dinners, which are sure to create the perfect environment for players to socialise in.

Portomaso Casino in Malta has all of the casino classics on offer for players to enjoy. Whether they may just be an occasional player looking to try their luck on the slot machines or spin a few rounds of roulette, or perhaps a more serious poker player looking for a tournament to take part in, this casino has everything that they need to ensure players are kept entertained. Furthermore, the fact that it is based in St Julian’s makes for the perfect atmosphere all round, as this region is home to quite a few of the country’s top casinos.